Porn Addicts Anonymous

A 12-step fellowship for those seeking recovery from an addiction to pornography.


You are not alone! With help you can find freedom from your addiction. Am I a Porn Addict?

Who are we?

We are many men and women who have suffered from our own addictive behavior. Having been isolated, alone, afraid, and sometimes filled with shame and grief, we now seek the experience, strength and hope of others who are recovering from this addiction.

We believe that by using the 12-steps, a spiritual program of recovery, we may recover from our addictive disease. If you are struggling with an addiction to pornography, you are not alone. The only requirement for PAA membership is a desire to stop using pornography in all of its forms. There are no fees or dues.

Before I found PAA my life had become unmanageable. My addiction had nearly destroyed my marriage, my family, and my life. By working the twelves steps I have discovered that recovery is possible.

A PAA Member