Guidelines for meetings:

A meeting is: two or more PA's gathered together together to share their experience, strength and hope so that they may become recovered and help other PA's to do the same.

1. We share our experience, strength and hope with all present in a general way. We do not share specifics as this can lead to relapse for all involved. We share the details with our sponsors.

2. We do not engage in lurid discussions, nor discuss physical or online locations during the meeting.

3. We must avoid sexual relations with other members of PAA, at any cost. We are here to become recovered, not to act out our fantasies. Everyone in attendance at a PAA meeting has the right to become recovered.

4. We shall always maintain a focus on our primary purpose, that is to carry the message of PAA in order to help another pornography addict to become recovered.

5. We must be ever so careful to avoid diagnosis of anyone else's problems and issues. We are not professionals.

6. It is strongly suggested that men sponsor men, and women sponsor women.

7. Pornography addiction has many forms, therefore the only requirement for attendance at a meeting is a desire to stop using pornography in all of its forms.

8. Cross-talk and advice during meetings is also to be avoided.

9. Relapse is defined as using pornography in any of it's forms while engaged in sexual activity, whether immediate or delayed.