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Welcome to PAA (Pornography Addicts Anonymous)

We are a 12-step fellowship for those seeking recovery from an addiction to pornography.

We are not affiliated with any other 12-step program, church, religious or political organizations, have no other affiliations; and are self-supporting through our own contributions.

We are many men and women who have suffered from our own addictive behavior. Isolated, alone and afraid, sometimes filled with shame and grief, we seek the experience, strength and hope of those who are recovering from this addiction in order to stay porn-free using a spiritual program of recovery. We are not affiliated with any other group, nor are we affiliated with any professional recovery.

There are actions and thinking specific to our addiction that may never be addressed or uncovered elsewhere and may have led to consistent relapse.

PAA seeks to identify these chronic, unique and addictive actions, and to share our experience, strength and hope with each other in order that we may bring about a state of being recovered from this disease.

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For spouses, partners, friends and family of those who are addicted to pornography:

There are a growing number of people contacting us for assistance in this area. Whereas Al-Anon© was founded for the benefit of the spouses and families of alcoholics, it took a few years prior to it becoming an official fellowship.

We are a relatively new fellowship and this area of recovery is in the process of coming together. As our fellowship grows, we recognize the needs of spouses, partners and others who have been affected by another's addiction to pornography and their needs to find recovery.

For now, we can recommend CoDA, CoSA and some of the other -Anon fellowships.